About Dhaka Dynasty

Indian food is one of the fastest growing segments in the culinary scene and is gaining popularity within the British mainstream. Every decade seems to have its own ethnic food trend. In the ‘80s it was Japanese food. In the ‘90s it was Thai, but what comes next? If a recent prediction is to be believed, it’s Indian food – with its spicy sauces, colourful rice and delicious naans.

When Dhaka Dynasty burst onto Coventry’s fine-dining scene in the year 1990, it garnered almost as many accolades for its amazing look as for its high starred menu and wide selection of wine. Dhaka Dynasty is incredible and likely the best Indian food in town. This isn’t your average Masala’s, rather it’s as cutting edge as Indian food gets, both in terms of menu and presentation. Vegans and vegetarians will feel a lot of love here.

Cuisine in this fine establishment is created by award winning chefs and staff who come from Indian Five-Star Hotel backgrounds. They have a single aim- to be able to deliver the authentic Royal Indian dining experience to its patrons with utmost courtesy and hospitality. The team of chefs, have a creative approach and a distinctive knack of layering flavours, using only the very finest ingredients, with stunning presentation.

With 90 covers, Dhaka Dynasty is able to accommodate all celebrations, whether corporate or personal, and is available for exclusive hire for larger functions.

The interior is an elegant mix of rich muted colours, warm and welcoming. Dhaka Dynasty is located on the second floor, with stairs leading you into a wide, elegant lounge which consists of comfortable sofas where you can sit before a professional and friendly staff member assists you. Once seated at your table, staff will always be around, making sure that you are well looked after, providing you with excellent service.

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